Sunday, August 1, 2010


Gram and I made a cake for the shower today! Here is the cake!
Then here are the cupcakes I bought to go along with the beach theme!

Miss Parker's Quilt!

So as you all read a couple entries ago I had a huge disaster with the quilt I was giving my friends little girl! Well thank goodness for Gram because she and Adele helped me fix it!
I added the Tinkerbell to hide of the really bad spots! Then added all these cute little flowers from Adele around the quilt to hide a few other bad spots! I cheated on the binding. I usually hand sew my bindings on but this time I machine attached it! Didn't have enough time to sew it on.
Here are the pictures of Parker opening up the gift she loved it! As you can see by her smile! My friend said she had just asked for a new blanket for the couch when they are watching movies!

I am so happy she loved the quilt! I know she will be using it all the time! Now to finish up the one's for the weddings.... Who wants to help sew on bindings? One's a queen size quilt that's going to be a lot of binding!