Monday, July 26, 2010

Quilt from Jan

This is a quilt that Jan made she came one day with colors. Debbie and Judy helped her pick that colors for the center and then when we all got together the next time she had half the quilt done and then when we go together the time after that she had it done! I couldn't believe here! It's really pretty but I can't remember the name of the pattern at the moment!
This is the center of Jan's quilt. It's really pretty!

A Baby Shower Gift!

This is the baby shower gift I made for my second cousin. There is a snoopy fabric book and a little fleece blanket!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy Little Bee!

Been really busy around here. They switched me from working in the Orleans store to now working in the Chatham store. They needed someone with more knowledge over there. Was trying to get a quilt done for next Saturday for a bridal shower for my friend's little girl. I wanted to make something for her to open while her mom is opening up her gifts! I was trimming up the quilt when I found out that when I was quilting it the walking foot messed up and bunched the fabric together in a couple of spots. I FREAKED!!! I need this quilt next Saturday there is not a a lot of time between now and then!! So I called Adele Thursday and said HELP!!! We came to the conclusion that I needed to pull out part of the quilting and then in some of the spots I couldn't fix I am going to put some of Adele's flower Kut Ups to cover up the bad quilting! :-) Thank goodness we could figure out a way to fix it! So now I will be busting my butt to fix that before Saturday and still work all week! Who wants to help save me!! It's a good thing gram said she will do the appliqueing of the flowers and the Tinker Bell onto the quilt! It's never a dull moment around here!