Sunday, January 16, 2011

More posting

Well after realizing that the last post was a success and I did it with my phone I will now be able to do it more! I was even able to upload photos right from my phone! Gotta love technology!

Brain Cramp

My little helper while working on Project Linus Stuff! Top picture is when she jumped up on the couch while I quickly sat down for a rest and the bottom pic is Miss Grace saying this is dog bed approved!

So yesturday at SSS I was looking over this pattern I was starting to make looked at and said ok I need 8 half square triangles of this color combo and I need 9 of this combo and 16 of this combo! So I went to town making them. Well this morning while tearing the paper off them I realized thats how many blocks of that color combos there were I needed to have then times it by 4! So here I was thinking I was all ready to begin and I still needed a million more of each color!