Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gram's Xmas Present

The week before xmas one of the quilting magazines came in and there was a pattern in it that I saw and it just said gram on it. I had to go to Murray's to get gram a giftcard for my brother to give to her I decided that is what I would get her for xmas.
The top photo is what it looks like on a bed.

This is what the whole quilt looks like I think its going to go together really quickly. But we will see it! It could be wrong and this could be a hard one because I thought it was so easy.

And these are the lovely colors that Adele and I picked out for the quilt. The bottom fabric is a cheater fabric for boarders! :-) Gotta love when you can cheat!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

SSS Luncheon

Today we had our SSS Luncheon. We went to the Marsh Side Restaurant and then we did a Yankee Gift Swap! Kathy was the first one to open a gift!

Here is Lynn with here Swap Gift and wearing her "Halo"!

Lynn swapped for Barbara's gift and even gave her the Halo!
This was my gift! I got a folder full of fun stuff. It was wrapped in fabric, then it had a pigment pen, some white fabric, and directions on how to make labels! I will have fun experimenting with this once Lynn is done with Gram's light box! :-)

Krissy's Quilt

This quilt I am making for my friends wedding. She has always loved horses so when I decided to make her a quilt for her wedding I knew it had to have horses on it. I found the fabrics for the quilt but didn't know what pattern I was going to use so when one of the quilting magazine's came and I saw this pattern in different colors I knew it would work for the colors I had chosen! I really hope she likes it. I will also make two pillow cases for her and two throw pillows because I got so much horse fabric.