Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Girls

So back in July I spent 3 weeks sleeping on the couch, A) because Sassy ended up with an infection in her toe where it blew up bigger then a hot dog, and B) the A/C was broke upstairs and the A/C man couldn't figure out what was wrong with it! (It got to be over 100 up there!) So the first picture is of Sassy when she had her injury. My poor baby! It was once a week to the vet to change the dressing and flush it. They had to put 4 drain holes into her toe! Ouch!

The next picture is when they finally took her bandage off and she wouldn't leave the toe alone! We couldn't put the cone of shame on because she plows right through and we were afraid she would either knock gram over or cut the back of her legs. So I got the soft "donuts" from work or as other's called them her "floaties"

After all that we put them away! They are great to have easier around the house. The furniture was not getting rearranged! Well last Tuesday, Gram ends up at the vet with Jojo with a cut on her neck that was pretty big. We have to wash it and put meds on it. But she has since decided that she is going scratch it with her bag paw when we are not looking so now she's has the "donut" on. We told her had she not laughed at Sassy when she was wearing them she would not have been punished and had to wear it!

Lately it just hasn't stopped! Went to Sunny & Lorraine's Quilt retreat weekend this weekend and had an awesome time we always do! Got a lot accomplished will post them later.

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  1. Too funny... The "Cone of Shame"... That's a new one on me... I hope Jody is doing fine... I posted your picture from the retreat... Hugs :)