Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trip down!

So PJ and I left last tuesday morning to drive to Florida. We did it in 21 hours. But man oh man was I ready to get out of the truck when we got there! Here are a couple pictures from our travels! One is of us on the Tappenzee bridge one is when we got TP degree weather in South Carolina, one of the lovely garage that was going down the road a head of us that PJ was trying to park his truck in, and then when we reached Florida what the temp. was!


  1. Hi Katy... I will be there tues.... I can not wait to get out of this cold country...You made good time...I know what you mean that you wanted to get out of the truck... I felt the same way when we drove straight through... Miss ya :)

  2. Gram is excited for you to come! She says she's going to take you to all these places! Be ready!