Monday, February 21, 2011


This Orchid is one that I got gram at the Orchid show in Hyannis when I returned from Florida the first time. I met up with Heidi and Peg and we walked around and saw all the Orchids... Wow!
This one is another one of the new ones that I got Gram at the show. In this picture it looks pink but it's actually a red with a deep burgundy throat. A different color I thought rather then the normal pinks and purples and whites.
This is one that has been blooming since xmas and just keeps getting more and more blooms every week.
Another one that is blooming right now. They always seem to bloom when Gram is not around.

This is the last one that is blooming at the moment. It is a light lime green with the pink throat. Very pretty. I will be adding more pictures because more will be coming into bloom soon. The rest of the orchids here all have buds on them that will be blooming soon.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Linus & a Birthday!


This past weekend we had Linus and a good friends 50th birthday. The top picture is of all the quilts that were finished Saturday night when we packed up! Then I just had to post pictures of Lola and Gracie with their birthday hats on! But Gracie preferred hers on her rear!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trip down!

So PJ and I left last tuesday morning to drive to Florida. We did it in 21 hours. But man oh man was I ready to get out of the truck when we got there! Here are a couple pictures from our travels! One is of us on the Tappenzee bridge one is when we got TP degree weather in South Carolina, one of the lovely garage that was going down the road a head of us that PJ was trying to park his truck in, and then when we reached Florida what the temp. was!